Be part of our next festival – we still need you!

As well as the high-energy displays brought by our volunteer performers, the ancient story of Samhuinn, and a whole lot of fire, our festival would be nothing without our amazing production volunteers making things happen behind-the-scenes. If you’re still looking for a way to get involved with Samhuinn, we have some groups that would love to hear from you…


Our techies are an industrious hive of makers, builders, and creative thinkers who make Samhuinn a stunning spectacle to remember. In the lead up to the festival, they help prepare the fire sculptures and materials that are dreamed up by our performance groups. On the day, they build stages, and decoration, as well as setting up crowd barriers and lighting. During the event they look after the pyrotechnics and fire, while also making sure that the crowd and our performers stay safe. When the procession is finished, they pack down their creations for another year and scurry away to join the party!

If building stuff, drinking lots of tea, and helping to stage a fire festival both safely and spectacularly sounds like a job that was made for you, get in touch at


Our stewards have the best seat in the house (well, the street). Donned in hi-vis jackets and a generous amount of face paint, they help to guide the procession down the Royal Mile and to point people in the right direction. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much time or have experience in event stewarding already or not – we will tell you everything you need to know at our Stewards training sessions.

If you’re looking to dip your toe into Beltane Fire Society, get to know a new group of people, or take part in one of Edinburgh’s most colourful festivals, let us know at


We ask for donations at Samhuinn to help us keep putting on captivating shows and celebrating Scotland’s heritage in the years to come. We need trusty bucket-holders who like talking to people to collect donations from the crowd witnessing our event. There will be plenty of chance to dress up, have fun and feel part of our incredible event – it’s a great way to be involved if you don’t have lots of time to commit.

If you love the spirit of Samhuinn and want to help us fundraise, send us an email at

Got questions or not sure which group to join? Contact us at and we’ll help you decide.

Photo of a GO volunteer by Neil Barton for Beltane Fire Society. 

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