Introducing our Samhuinn 2018 Court and Group Organisers!

We are very happy to share with you the names of the volunteers who will take on some of the key roles at our next event, Samhuinn Fire Festival 2018!

We will have more information and detail about them and what they will create for the event to share with you soon – and if you’d like to hear more in person about how you can take part in the festival yourself, join us on Sunday 2 September for our Open Meeting.


Taking on the key roles in the event this year are:

  • Our Cailleach: Kate Kirkwood
  • Our Summer King: Tom Watton
  • Our Winter King: John Wilson

[More info on court selection, for those who are interested: Court members are selected in line with our process. This year, the court selection group consisted of Caroline Heavens, Gav Kennerley, James Armandary, Josh Bergamin and Neil James Rhind. Also, as no board member may also be a member of the court, Tom Watton has resigned from the BFS board to take up this role. If you have any queries about the selection process, please contact]


The following people will be running groups of volunteers this year:

  • Beasties: Lindsey Bell, Sam Haddow, Alun Evans
  • Call Horn: Tamara Piddock, Ross Atkinson
  • Cailleachan: Anna Chaney, Michael Ritchie, Fiona Oliver-Larkin, Cat Somerville
  • Children of Seth: Seth Win, Katie Craig
  • Contact Point: Karen Dickson, Rebecca Conway
  • Guth Nam Marbh: Alice Dillon, Maud Bouvattier, James Conkie

  • Herald Bards: Neil James Rhind, Guilia Frontalini
  • Marbhan: Theresa von Wald, Sophia Halamoda
  • Moncai: William Donaldson, Yvonne Armour
  • Nightwatch: Jak Hyslop, Gudrun Kocher-Oberlehner, Nico Marrone, Shae Dunsmore
  • No Point: Sage Dean, Robin Crane
  • Obsidian: Sandra Spanikova, Narma Gebruk

  • PhotoPoint: Gordon Veitch, Vince Graham, Ken Dunton
  • Reds: Toni Mey, Jonny Crombie
  • Savages of Winter: Lizzie Eardley, Anna Meulepas
  • Order of the Sun : Anthony Edwards, Minas Stefanou
  • Tech: Peter Jackson
  • Valravn: Emma Creighton-Offord, David Creighton-Offord
  • Wild Hunt: Daniel Connell, Jemma Pilcher, Simon Fokt
  •  Teachdairean a ‘Gheamhraidh (the Winter Drummers): Nahikari Mendoza, Nikoletta Louca, Samantha Hulls

[More info on group organiser selection, for those who are interested: GOs are selected in line with our process. This year, the group organiser selection group consisted of Brad Mcarthur, Neil Barton, Erin Macdonald, Alex Nuttgens, Karen Dickson, Neil Rhind, Dex de Cruz, Shae Dunsmore, Caroline Heavens, and Gav Kennerley. A strict policy managing potential conflicts of interest is adhered to, with any selection group members with a conflict of interest in relation to a group stepping out for discussion and not voting on relevant group proposals. If you have any queries about the selection process, please contact]

Featured image copyright Mark Taylor for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. 

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