Meet our new Event Co-ordinator

We’d like to introduce Callum Donald, who is joining us as our Event Co-ordinator for our next two festivals. Welcome aboard Callum!

“I’ve been a member of BFS since 2016, most recently as part of the Fire Arch at this years Beltane.

Outside of BFS, I work as a circus performer, martial arts instructor, and director of a physical theatre company. I’m very excited to work with BFS, and help show the huge creative talents of our volunteers.”

Photo credit Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Meet our new Event Co-ordinator

  1. Good luck Callum Donald! I hope to see the festival one day. Do u guys have a video library, or DVD’s you can buy? I’m sure they would sell out if u did. Or maybe its better just to keep the experience mostly for those who attend. So high 5’s and Cheers to all! Craig


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