Bang the drums of Winter

Teachdairean a’Gheamraidh (the Winter Drummers) fearlessly face the transition to Winter, a change as romantic as it is barbaric. We embrace the darkness at Samhuinn Fire Festival for, even though cruel, it also gives us space to listen to our heartbeats’ regular pounding and to join them with those of our fellow loved ones.

Copyright Paul Cunningham for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

Instead of fear we stand strong as the night draws in, aware that it will come regardless as it is part of a perpetually evolving cycle. This is a necessary change. Our strength brings serenity and power in facing the coming of winter – a strength that we bring to others to help them accept this fate and prepare for the cold, dark ahead.

Copyright Claire Fraser for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

These aspects of our character are emitted through a loud and aggressive pulse, a change in pace, a heavy underpinning rhythm.

We bring with us the knowledge that Winter has arrived. It will happen, no matter how much you resist. But with this we give reassurance, a confidence and serenity that Winter is not to be feared. We are the leaders who will guide all through the darkness, and help them see the light and all that is to be gained from the change of the seasons.

Copyright Ken Dunton for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

Teachdairean a’Gheamraidh are a solid, knowledgeable entity that through our music help others – including the audience – to accept with courage the coming of the Winter.

Samhuinn Fire Festival takes place on Wednesday 31st October on Calton Hill from 7pm. Tickets are available from Tickets Scotland.

Featured image by Ashley Erdman.

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