Adorning the crone goddess in our Samhuinn Fire Festival poster

One of the core characters at Samhuinn Fire Festival is the Cailleach, who arrives from the other world to help decide the Summer King and Winter King’s fates. We’re delighted to see Her at the centre of this year’s poster, designed by Ruth Nichols-Pike.

Ruth’s artwork beautifully renders our Winter festival’s dark and dramatic elements, showing the Cailleach alone but powerful, unflinching in the face of black nights and cold landscapes. Read on to learn more about Ruth’s concept below.

The artwork for the poster depicts the Cailleach, the crone goddess who presides over the changing seasons: She is covering Her Summer garments with a thick winter cloak, embellished with a design of ivy and holly leaves. The idea was to use the character’s costume to represent the transition into the darkness of Winter, as Summer ends for another year.

Ruth is an Edinburgh-based artist and maker, with a particular interest in textiles and embroidery. She recently graduated from a degree in Performance Costume at Edinburgh College of Art, creating work which takes inspiration from nature, mythology and storytelling.

Follow Ruth on Instagram at @ruth_nicholspike_design.

Tickets for Samhuinn Fire Festival are available to buy online from Citizen Ticket. Join the Facebook event here.

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