Maintaining balance with the Triskele drummers

The cycle of the seasons that we celebrate at Samhuinn Fire Festival is one made of balance, not conflict, between Summer and Winter. One season may always have dominion over the other, but never forever. Our world is in a constant state of transition, which is embodied at our festival by the Triskele drummers.

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Rather than aligning themselves with Winter or Summer, the Triskele manifest the state of flux that all of the creatures on Calton Hill are undergoing. They represent the joyful denial of Summer ending, a period of uncertainty and confusion, and a willing acceptance of the unavoidable coming of Winter. They sense a shift happen on the Hill and echo it through their beats, without taking sides, wherever they go. 

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While their rhythms speak of change, they are not the ones who bring it about. The Triskele know enough of Hekate’s wheel to narrate its course, but are also caught in the wheel, bound to its need for balance. As transitional drummers, they affiliate themselves with the Triple Goddess – the Mother/Maiden/Crone – working to maintain balance throughout the year without judgment. 

The Triskele bring this knowledge across the Hill, sharing their wisdom and the festival’s narrative in their drumming. Their sound is the story of Samhuinn, portraying the journey towards change that the seasons must undertake.

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Featured image by Bleu Hope for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

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