Revealing our artwork for this year’s festival!

This festival, our artwork was designed by society member Matt Scott. He’s designed 2 posters for us, one each inspired by the Green Man and May Queen, along with a variety of graphics seen throughout our digital exhibition, inspired by the festival.

Matt is a first year graphic design student, with a personal interest in printmaking, collage and ink painting. He’s also a BFS society member, he’s been in Obsidian, Fire Arch and Tech. On his design, “I wanted to capture something punchy, vivid & celebratory for the festival, so hand-printed letters and a minimal design seemed like a fun approach! The messy, ink splot feel comes from the aesthetic of DIY gig poster design, while the re-wilding and blood motifs come from hearing the May Queen & Green Man’s vision!I am dearly missing lugging around crowd barriers and juggling fire! But looking forward to seeing the projects people have prepared for BonFire 2021.”

Matt is on social media at @Mattyacino , you can also see his BOnFire volunteer projects as part of our digital exhibition this festival.

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