Climate Conversations & Children’s Play: two community projects this festival season

We have two more projects to introduce! Open to returning members of the BFS community and taking place alongside the preparations for Samhuinn night:

The Climate Project

Online activity
Project organiser: Mairi McKay

TLDR: online fortnightly discussion sessions, covering various topics related to the climate emergency.

Samhuinn is a time of transition from a carefree, abundant summer to a careful, reflective winter. It is a time to gather with your loved ones, take stock, and rest. The cycle of seasons has anchored humans throughout our entire existence. But in recent decades, it’s been… different.

This year, Samhuinn marks not only the beginning of winter, but also the beginning of the COP26 meetings in Glasgow, where world leaders will make urgent decisions about how to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.
In the weeks leading up to Samhuinn, let’s pause to think about what our community’s role in regenerating the Earth could be.

When/where: Meetings will be held fortnightly on Saturdays via an online video-call platform.
Who: All BFS members and their loved ones are invited to attend as many meetings as they would like. 
Contributors wanted! I’m looking for anyone who would like to share a story, a song, knowledge, a discussion prompt, a skill, etc at one of the online sessions. This is a chance for you to to share your wisdom with the community for 5-45 minutes. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to be brave!

If you would like to contribute, participate, or be kept up to date on our meetings & activities, please fill in this form: or email me at

Chaos Creatures

In-person activity
Project organiser: Lila O’Leary

Chaos Creatures is a project that will run as a series of playgroup sessions for the children of the society members during the run up to Samhuinn. 

We’re aiming to have a series of sessions over a few Saturdays in which our youngest will be able to play, explore, create and let loose! 

The activities will take place outside in a greenspace, and we ask that parents stay to supervise
and maybe even join in if the urge grabs.

Even though the sessions will be drop-in as and when suits, places are limited and to keep us all safe we need to register attendance. Additionally, all accompanying adults will need to be able to present evidence of a negative lateral flow test, so please send us an email to your interest so we can give you more details and put you on our mailing list so we can let you know what we will be doing in a given session and where we’ll be doing it.

Our email is, and if you have any questions or want to come along we’d love to hear from you!

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