A welcome & an opening ritual from the Court & the Blues

As we embark on the run-up to Samhuinn, we’ve a short message from this year’s Cailleach, Summer King, & Winter King about their vision and intentions for this season.

And we re-introduce our Blues: the perennial keepers of our rituals & stories, and caretakers of our community. Here, as in every festival, the Blues make a space to mark the beginning of our collective paths to Samhuinn, and we invite you to do the same.

This year’s Blues are: Lindsey, Alun, Caroline, Ella, Steve, Gav, Jamie, Sara & John.

Song: A Blanket of Snow, by Sarah Barr

Away, away, and get thee to bed
The wolf’s in the field and the cow’s in her shed
Quiet your mind, and hear the wind blow
While I’m weaving your blanket of snow.

Stay, stay, and never you peep
For the granary’s full and the acorn’s asleep
Dream of the roots and the branches you’ll grow
While I’m carving your cradle of snow.

Hush, Hush, and lie your head here
Your weary old soul has nothing to fear
Sleep, now, forever, away from the cold
While I’m sewing your shroud of snow.

Come, come, and open the door
And sing with the thunder and dance with the storm
Watch o’er the dreaming and dead deep below
As the stars light your way through the snow. 

4 thoughts on “A welcome & an opening ritual from the Court & the Blues

  1. Ready to prepare, preserving, remembering and letting go of what I don’t need any more…looking forward to being with you moving through the seasons, thank you.


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