How to join us for Samhuinn 2021

As we get closer to the eve of Samhuinn 2021, here’s some essential info on the ways you can join us this year…

BUT FIRST. Help keep our neo-pagan festivals alive…

We are a small Scottish charity that relies on donations to keep our festivals going. Whether you are attending in-person or from whom, please consider donating the equivalent of a coffee or a pint to BFS here.

How to attend in person

  • 📍 Samhuinn Fire Parade.
  • 🕰️ Sunday 31st October, time and location shared to those who have pre-registered, emails with these details should now have been sent out to all preregistered attendees.  
  • 🎟️ Regisrations have now closed; if you have not registered, please do not come.
  • ☂ We will continue even if it’s raining (unless there are extreme warnings) – come dressed for Scottish weather!
  • ✔ Take a lateral flow before attending and wear a mask when close to others.
  • ✳️Samhuinn Fire Parade Facebook Event Page:

Please note: We will NOT be on Calton Hill this year!

Where to watch the live stream (online)

We will be attempting to live stream the Samhuinn Fire Parade to those who can’t attend the Fire Parade in person – whether that is because of geography or not feeling comfortable participating in live events yet, we want to allow everyone to witness Samhuinn in a way that suits them.

  • 📍 Online – see our Facebook event page here.
  • 🕰️ Sunday 31st October, evening – exact times will be announced on the day.
  • 🎟️ Unticketed but please consider donating here (suggested amount £5 or PAYF).
  • 👻This is something new so please excuse any pesky digital spirits if we are disrupted…

Watch Samhuinn Hearthfire Digital Festival (online)

Before the Parade is live streamed, we will share our Samhuinn Hearthfire Digital Festival on Facebook Live and YouTube. This is a collection of video pieces created by our volunteers, inspired by the Samhuinn folklore, including stories, music, spoken word and song. Everything that we produce will be archived on our website, so you can also catch up on everything we create after the festival.

  • 📍 Online – see our Facebook event page here.
  • 🕰️ Sunday 31st October, 18:30 PM (GMT).
  • 🎟️ Unticketed but please donate here (suggested amount £5 or PAYF).

Join the Facebook events page to keep up today with links, updates and behind the scenes peeks.


Please do not trust any website that says you need to give your credit card details before accessing the stream. All content will be available for free on our social media, the Citizen Ticket/Paypal links are for you to make a donation, separate to you watching the stream online or attending the parade.

Parade Registrations are now closed as we have reached our maximum registrations.


Featured image by Richard Winpenny for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “How to join us for Samhuinn 2021

  1. Hello I have pre-registered and have my tickets but have received no information about attending in person yet. When can I expect the time and location to be provided?


  2. Good morning, I registered for a ticket for my son and I and yet to receive details. Luckily I haven’t spent on travel from Northampton as I could t find affordable accommodation. How can I watch event later? Regard, Miss F.Anderton

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