Register to witness Samhuinn 2021 in person!

We are very excited to announce that registration is now open for Samhuinn 2021: our in-person street parade on the evening of Sunday 31st October!

After another challenging year, it is so exciting to finally bring our fire and drums, ritual, pageant and revelry back to the streets of Edinburgh. This year our Samhuinn will be marked simultaneously by a parade and a livestream of online film and art, both produced by our community.

For everyone’s safety, attendance at the parade will be by pre-registration only. Registration will be on a first come first served basis. Exact times and locations for the parade will be sent to you once you have registered.

As we celebrate the transition of the seasons, we want our events to be accessible and inclusive, regardless of financial circumstances. We are also a registered charity, dependent on individual donations to continue doing what we do. For these reasons we ask you to donate what you can, when registering; the suggested donation is £5.

Register here:

Poster design by Matthew Scott!

12 thoughts on “Register to witness Samhuinn 2021 in person!

  1. Obviously organising people to watch on the street safely is a big task at the moment, and good luck with it! I’m guessing there will be a different link later to register for those of us who hope or need to watch online? (I would love to be there rather than in London, but it isn’t going to happen because of my Covid-vulnerable and other health status, and your online festivals have kept me going.)


  2. Hi, I also bought 2 tickets, but have had no notification about where or when to go. Can you please confirm details? Thanks.


  3. Hi I also bought two tickets and still no information on time and location for this??? Can you please confirm the details of the event? Thanks


  4. Still no details about where or when it starts tomorrow, despite having registered. The ticketing system really does not seem to be working very well I’m afraid! Right now it’s showing the message “DETAILS INCLUDING THE EXACT ROUTE, TIMINGS AND OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION HAVE NOW BEEN EMAILED TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE REGISTERED” – well, no they haven’t actually


  5. Hello Beltane Festival Team,

    my 4 friends and I are coming to Edinburgh tomorrow especially for the festival and we have already booked train tickets. Now I realized that I am the only one who was not able to get a ticket. Is there any possibility that I can attend? I would be eternally grateful if I can get a ticket or someone who doesn´t need a ticket would give it to me. Of course, I will donate 5 £. Thank you in advance.


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