A message from our court: and introducing our Green Man!

As the deadline for GO applications for Beltane 2022 draws very near (Thursday 17th), we’d like to introduce our Green Man for Beltane 2022…

Jaz Rogers!

We also have a message from our May Queen and new Green Man:

As we move out of this time of isolation and inward reflection, a literal winter and also years of qurantining and social distancing, we can let our bodies relax with the warming nights and celebrate the lengthening days, together. 

In this festival that honours the changing of the seasons we can put our hands on the wet ground, and inhale.

As the flames warm our faces and send our limbs into joyful shapes, we can celebrate. 

We celebrate without commodities and our bodies are allowed to do as they please.

This festival is a call to see the land and our selves not as productive, disparate machines, but integrally linked systems that work with the cycles of the natural world. The cycles of the moon and the sun, the tides, the rotation of our earth, and the harmonies produced within our own bodies. To find value in the act of being, instead of a value assigned by the prevailing capitalist society.

It’s what our modern Beltane celebration has always been. We can’t wait to see you on the hill!

Much love,

Rosa and Jaz

A couple of dates to remember:

The GO application deadline is the 17th February (tomorrow) at 11:59pm
The Open Meeting will be on the 5th of March at 12:30 (more details coming soon!).

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