Looking for our next festival organiser

The Beltane Fire Society is looking for someone to coordinate our next couple of Events (Samhuinn 2022, and Beltane 2023), look after our office/storage space (Beltonia) and develop fundraising opportunities for the charity for the next year.

See below for the details, and any questions can be directed to ctri@beltane.org in the first instance.


Location: Edinburgh
Duration: 28th July 2022 – 30th June 2023
Contract title: Development Manager, Beltane Fire Society Ltd

Contract description:

The Beltane Fire Society (BFS) is searching for a skilled development manager to organise our next two major events, the Samhuinn Fire Festival 2022 and the Beltane Fire Festival 2023, as well as provide year round management of our storage & office space, and perform fundraising.

What does this role involve?

The role is one of the most exciting and unusual contracts around. It involves dedicating time over the next year to maintain and manage our warehouse & office space, investigate and develop fundraising opportunities for the society, and to put together two incredible fire festival events.

In summary, the key responsibilities of the Development Manager are:

  • To oversee and coordinate all activity preparing for the events
  • Lead volunteer group organiser meetings and ensure preparations are on track
  • To coordinate the events on the night
  • To help manage the budget for event finances and administration
  • To organise the event contractors, volunteers and subcontractors 
  • To negotiate with City of Edinburgh Council and Police Scotland on behalf of BFS; re permits/licenses, road closures, public safety and clean-up
  • To liaise with emergency services through City of Edinburgh Council’s EPOG (Event Planning & Operations Group) process
  • To maintain good relations with local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders
  • To keep the events on track by coordinating all the necessary meetings, rehearsals and walkthroughs.
  • Managing, organising, and maintaining our storage and office space at 16 East Cromwell Street
  • Investigate and develop fundraising opportunities outside of the festivals themselves.

Coordinating Beltane Fire Society events is a challenging and thrilling experience, and you won’t be on your own; the Board of Directors and previous event coordinators will be on hand to offer help and advice. If you are interested in this role please send your CV along with a short proposal covering one side of A4 answering each of the following areas:

  • Your previous experience of coordinating, producing or managing events
  • Your previous experience of the Beltane Fire Society or similar organisations
  • Any specific ideas that you might have for Samhuinn 2022 and Beltane 2023
  • Your previous experience of leading and inspiring volunteers

Please note that while we are very willing to be flexible about working arrangements we can only consider submissions from people who can make the Samhuinn event a primary focus between the middle of August until the second week in November 2022 and the Beltane event from the middle of January until the second week in May 2023.

Please note that all submissions and enquiries should be sent electronically to ctri@beltane.org for the attention of the board. Interviews expected to be held on or around the 21st and 22nd July 2018. When applying please state if you are not available any day or evening that week, so we can look at potential alternatives.

Deadline: Sunday 17th July 2022, 6pm

Contact details: ctri@beltane.org

Contractor Role Description


  • The Development Manager will carry out duties normally commensurate with an Development Manager contract with specific reference to the Beltane Fire Festival (‘Beltane’) and the Beltane Fire Society (‘BFS’).  They will adhere to “Duties” and “Supplementary Duties” below.
  • The Development Manager will work with the Blues, Board, Group Organisers, Production Team, Communications Coordinator, Participants and other stakeholders to coordinate a unified production.


  • The Development Manager acts as the primary point of contact for the Beltane Fire Society and external stakeholders. This includes liaising with all external bodies, either personally, or by appointing a representative. External bodies may include (but are not limited to) the City of Edinburgh Council, the police, and the press.
  • Work alongside the Board of Trustees and other voluntary coordinators.
  • Be part of the key production team in accordance with the organisational structure. This person will have knowledge of relevant legislation and be experienced in its implementation integral to the safe running of the event.
  • Work alongside the Society’s Company and Membership Secretaries in the collation of volunteer and membership data, the safe storage of key legal documents (including insurance and relevant licences), and the upholding of legal obligations including Data Protection Act.
  • Create a timeline of key milestones leading up to the event, and manage scheduling including technical rehearsals and production meetings
  • Ensure that all organisers meetings and production meetings are chaired and documented, ensuring that time clashes between meetings and rehearsals are avoided where possible
  • Assist in managing the festival budget in conjunction with the Finance Officer/Treasurer (refer supplementary information re duties below).
  • Ensure that a comprehensive cue sheet is created for the event.
  • Be responsible for open lines of communication that ensure all fundamental information is communicated across all festival participants.
  • Coordinate technical rehearsals (minimum of one in the lead up to the event) and full rehearsals (minimum of two in the lead-up to the event).
  • Liaise with the Production Crew/Quartermaster to ensure good plans are in place to coordinate transport, logistics, and manage the return of equipment, vehicles after the event.
  • Work with the H&S contact, to ensure correct health and safety procedures are carried out across all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production and carry out risk assessments of these as well.
  • Ensure that all Group Organisers, Production Team and Participants (including performers, stewards and any other people aside from spectators who will be there on the night) and any other stakeholders are made aware of, and attend, a minimum of one Health and Safety (H&S) briefing organised by the H&S contact in advance of the event.
  • Assist in the organisation, arrangement and publicity of the H&S briefings.
  • Manage the event on the night (refer supplementary information re duties below).
  • Participate in the Group Organiser Weekend and the Open Meeting.
  • Implement an effective evaluation and handover.
  • Represent the Society at EPOG (Event Planning Organisational Group) meetings with City of Edinburgh Council officials, the Police and other emergency services.
  • Ensure that all necessary licenses and permissions are in place for the event.
  • Ensure that the event is adequately publicised (in liaison with the Communications Coordinator).
  • Act as spokesperson for the event in the absence of the Communications Coordinator.

Qualifications and Experience


  • A relevant degree-level qualification and/or working experience in a similar role


  • Experience of coordinating volunteers
  • Experience within artistic, theatrical or community organisations/charities
  • Experience of managing outdoor public events in particular with fire
  • Experience of Event Safety Planning
  • Production management/stage management knowledge
  • Qualifications in pyrotechnics

Knowledge and Skills 


  • Professional Communication skills
    • Communicating with a variety of key stakeholders
    • Approachable for volunteers
  • Leadership qualities
    • Ability to delegate
    • Ability to inspire and reassure
    • Decision making
  • Knowledge of event safety and legal compliance
  • An understanding of health and safety specific to events
  • Time management and project planning skills
  • Financial and budgetary control
  • Reporting, Evaluating and Record keeping
  • Computer literate (MS Office etc.)


  • A clean driving licence 
  • Knowledge of crowd management and crowd control
  • A creative flair!

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