Seeking Our Samhuinn Court 2022

The Cailleach, Samhuinn 2021. Copyright James Armandary for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved.

It is our pleasure to invite nominations, including self nominations, for our Samhuinn 2022 Court. The roles of Cailleach, and Summer and Winter Kings form the core of our story and will be central in helping us mark the turning of the wheel.

Samhuinn is the Celtic quarter day that marks the beginning of winter.  It is the dying whisper of summer and the determined rise of winter. We invite the spirits to gather with us as we celebrate the glory of summer in remembrance. It is also a time to observe and acknowledge the endings of things, letting go of that which no longer serves us and to revel in the rebirth yet to come.

Our Court

The Cailleach

The Cailleach is our central figure, the eye of the storm, around whom the entire festival is focused.  The seasons will not change without her willing it to be so. She is known to some as Cailleach Bheur, the giantess queen of winter, the creator of the landscape, and is also recognised as the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, who reigns over death and rebirth.  She is variously associated with winter, with mountains, with deer.  She is deeply linked to the Scottish landscape – tales and traces of Her appear in Skye, around Ben Nevis, Ben Wyvis, Loch Awe, and the River Ness, to name but a few.  She washes Her cloak in the Corryvreckan whirlpool and lays it out over the mountains, forming the first snows of winter.  She is sometimes accompanied by a group of Cailleachan, or Storm Hags.  Our community’s interpretation of Her has drawn on many of these elements over the years; we look forward to seeing Her make Herself known this year

Cailleach deadline: 5pm Sunday July 17th

Interview: Please be available to attend an evening interview 20th/21st July

The Kings:

The Summer King,  whose power is on the wane, resides over his Seelie summer court. He is often linked with the Green Man, having matured and aged over the autumn.  His reign of plenty will come to an end on Samhuinn night, giving rise to the Winter King, and his Unseelie Winter court.  The Winter King, sometimes seen as a representation of the Horned God or Holly King, is often seen as cold and severe, yet also a protector of the wild.  It is worth remembering, that even in the coldest of places, life still finds a way.

Kings deadline: 5pm Sunday 17th July

Kings interview: Please be available to attend an evening interview around 26th/27th July

Some Practical Notes

Applications from people of all genders, physical abilities, ages, races and socio-economic statuses are welcome. The potential to embody the role is the essential quality we seek. You do not have to fit an image or profile of previous role holders. Potential candidates sometimes deselect because they don’t feel they fit a profile based on people who’ve taken the role in the past. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as we can only select from those who step forward or are nominated. Also please do not let your availability limit you from applying, we understand that life happens and will endeavour to find an alternative interview time.

As ever, we welcome joint applications for both Summer and Winter Kings, or solo applications for either role.  We, however, would prefer for our Cailleach applicants to be solo applicants.

Notes on Community Nomination

Members of BFS may nominate a fellow member, or members, for any role. If you wish to nominate someone who you believe could really embody the role,  please send their name to by 5pm, Sunday July 17th. The member(s) will then be informed of the nomination, and invited to consider whether they wish to proceed in trying out for the role.

Selection Process

The Board and Blues will form a panel, drawing up a list of shortlisted candidates for each role. Those shortlisted for will be invited to meet the panel for a brief talk. Our new Cailleach will be notified and will then join the Kings selection panel, assisting with the meetings for those shortlisted for the roles of Summer and Winter Kings. The final decision on all roles will be announced to the membership soon after, allowing enough time for unsuccessful applicants to put together group applications if they so wish.

Guidance on Self Nomination

There is no formal application form, but If you are feeling called to one of our deities we will need the following information in your email:

– your name

– contact details

– the role you wish to be considered for

– your availability across the Samhuinn period (Mid July – Mid November)

You may also wish to include a few words in support of your application such as how you see your chosen role, how you feel connected to them or any performance, or narrative ideas you may have.  This year’s celebration may take place in a space different to previous years and the format is yet to be confirmed.  Details will be confirmed in due course but all those applying will need to remain open to adjusting their vision as the performance evolves

Please submit your note of interest to 

For any questions about court applications, contact or

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