Samhuinn 2022 Open meeting: be a part of our festival!

When: 13:15-16:45 on 27th August 2022
Where:  Bellfield Community Centre, 16B Bellfield Street, Portobello
(Enter through the gate, not into the church building)

Edinburgh’s Samhuinn (‘sow-in’) is a fire festival telling the story of Summer passing over into Winter. We create it anew each year, with much fire. It’s the work of a community of drummers, dancers, clowns, musicians, acrobats, fire spinners, puppeteers, engineers, technicians, artists, poets, event stewards, crafters, costumiers, photographers, film-makers, and all others who’re drawn to get involved. If this sounds like you, come along and find out more!

At the open meeting, we’ll break the festival down so you can learn about the performance and production groups you might want to join, talk to the organisers, get to know the story behind Beltane, and sign up to take part.
If you can’t make it but would still like to be involved, details of all performance and production groups (including contact information for the organisers) will be posted at shortly before the Open Meeting. You can email the individual organisers to let them know you’d like to be considered for their group if you can’t sign up in person.

Those of you using facebook can sign up to the event here.

See you there!

Banner image copyright James Armandary for Belatne Fire Society. All rights reseerved.

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