Meet our groups for the 2023 Beltane Fire Festival!

This weekend on Sunday the 19th at 2pm we’re hosting our Open Meeting at the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh.
To give you a taste of what’s going to be presented, we’ve asked each group and project running for this festival to provide a little blurb about themselves and how you can get inolved!

Whether you’re someone who’s looking on curiously, or a regular volunteer – we’re delighted to introduce you to the different performance and production groups who will be running this festival!

We’re excited to offer the opportunity for you to get involved and contribute to the festival as a volunteer. You can find the perfect way to use your time to make this year’s festival a success.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to apply for your desired group and be part of our celebration!

Not sure how things work? Email the groups that sound fun/interesting and they’ll be able to share more about what they’re up to, and guide you to how to apply to join in with them if you want to!

Open groups:

AQUASPHERE (Water Point)

Group Organisers: Stacey Hayes, Jen Lynn Davis 

Since all life originated in the water we are this year exploring the theme of Evolution. Creating a story of transition, from the first stirrings of life in the primordial soup through flora and fauna of the distant past, and onwards to ever more complex creatures of the sea, until we emerge from the water -ready to explore a new world of earth and air and fiery wonders!    

Our tools for this telling shall be light, sound and movement. We will explore and record sounds from the natural world to create a magical soundscape to accompany the bioluminescent world of wonder hiding beneath the waves and our theatrical montage of evolving lifeforms. Dancers, musicians, creative visionaries and costuming enthusiasts are especially welcome as we co-create this extraordinary visual spectacle -but we are also beginner friendly and will try to accommodate people of different physical abilities if you feel the call.

The journey to Beltane will be a happy blend of meditation, movement, songs, games, outings and exploration -our aim is not just to perform but to reconnect with nature (inner and outer) along the way. No particular skills are required other than a willingness to go with the flow -so jump in at the deep end and you’re shore to have a splashing good time!

  • Our regular practices will be..

Wednesday 6.30-8.30pm on Calton Hill 
Sundays 2-5pm (adventures and excursions!)

  • We are a medium commitment group -Wednesday practices are mandatory (when possible) but Sundays less so (tho you won’t want to miss them!). 
  • Practice will be outdoors (with backup indoor space for extremely bad weather days) so our group costs are quite low. We do ask £15 from each member towards lights and logistics -other costs include occasional bus fares for excursions and extra costuming/lighting costs if you want them for your costume. 
  • Weekend Away (wild camping!) March 31st-April 2nd
  • Open Practices
    Friday 24th Feb 6.30-8.30pm on Calton Hill
    Sunday 26th Feb 2.30-4.30 on Calton Hill 
    Wednesday 1st of Feb 6pm-8pm at Montgomery St Gardens

Contact us at.. waterpoint@beltane.orgSign-up sheet..


Group Organisers: Claire Freake, Colin McEwan. Liam Rees

The Beasties, creatures of innocence and chaos, an exuberant and playful group of drummers, steeped in the unbounded energy that the start of summer brings. In love with the world and excited to experience everything new that the world offers, we just want to share our energy, our joy, and make the festival dance with big bouncy party beats!

We will play djembes, basses, snares and shakers. We are particularly keen to develop beginner djembe players and offer drummers of all levels a chance to improve their technique, share skills (including drum maintenance), and have fun.

  • High Commitment (2 practices a week, away weekend)
  • Subs £40-£65 depending on final group numbers
  • Away weekend 31st of March to 2nd of April
  • Open practices at the Bongo Club:
    • Wednesday 22nd of February, 7pm-10pm
    • Sunday 26th of February, 4pm-7pm
    • Wednesday 1st of March, 7pm-10pm

Interested? Let us know:

Earth Point

Run by: Violette Rose, Whitedeer

The Element of Earth is the foundation of all life on our planet.  It is the bedrock, soil, and pulsing biome that sustains and connects all living things.  Our solar May Queen radiates her life-giving energy and turns our earth into a lush green forest, expressed through the Green Man.  On Beltane we celebrate fertility and potential, regeneration, rebirth and renewal through the element of Earth.

From deep within the earth itself are metal ores, brought to the surface and purified, heated, formed and shaped by humans into some of our most valuable substances. These metals are crafted to adorn us, create money to build civilizations, and made into musical instruments that resonate with the sacred frequencies of Earth itself.

Earth Point will offer a collection of metal instruments tuned to the same scale, played in interlocking patterns and melodies of the spheres.  Emanating from under the earth, legend has called it the Ceol Sidhe (kay-all shee) or music of the Sidhe (faeries).  You may think you hear a mysterious tune on the wind, and as you approach you may be lured in by Sidhe dancers, and catch a glimpse of a shadow world under the hills.  But beware- never accept food or drink from the Sidhe, or you may be led into an intoxicating whirl of music and feasting while time outside passes you by!

Earth Point dancers and actors will portray the abundance of nature, and celebrate all that the element of Earth represents. There will be group dances and opportunities for you to express your own.  A special dance will be offered to the May Queen, and the Green Man will be celebrated with a mud dance, with rhythmic slapping of mud and bodies.

  • Get involved as a musician, dancer, or actor with shadow theater
  • Tone is reverential, spiritual, connected
  • High Commitment (2 practices a week: Wednesdays 6:30pm, Sunday at 2pm and weekend day trip)
  • Member contribution £20-£30
  • Weekend day trip to wild-forage materials for natural instruments and costumes
  • Open practices at the Art and Spirituality Center (Gorgie):
    • Wednesday 22nd of February, 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • Friday 24th of February, 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • Wednesday 1st of March, 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Closed Practices in Gorgie area 1/3/23 – 30/4/23
    • Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    • Sundays 2pm – 4pm

Register interest:

Fire Point

Run by: Minas Stefanou, Nathan Goodfriend 

We will welcome summer and its warmth, dancing with the hottest thing we know, Fire. That’s right, we’ll be firedancing, fire spinning, flowing and juggling.

Do you want to get better at or to learn to manipulate fire on a stick or chain? That’s what we’ll spend our time doing, interspersed with fun bits of silly choreography.

So come for the skills, and come for the sharing, skillsharing, it’s a thing. We’ll do that.

  • We are a moderately high commitment group
  • For fuel, away weekend cost, and general group costs it’ll be around £50. Any leftovers will go back to the group. 
  • Away weekend, 31st March – 2nd of April (location tbc, non-mandatory but highly encouraged)
  • Open practices (bring your own props if you can, we will bring extra but as much as we’d love to, we don’t have an infinite amount XD). We won’t play with any fire at the open practices but if you want to join the Monday Fire Club afterwards you should wear natural fabric clothes)
    • Sunday Feb 26th 2-4 pm at the Meadows (near the Pavilion)
    • Monday Feb 27th 7-9 pm at the Meadows (near the Pavilion)
  • Closed practices
    • Sundays 5-8 pm at the Ocean Terminal (Cloud 9, ground floor)
    • Mondays 7-9 pm at the Meadows (near the Pavilion).

Open practices sign up form: 

Fox Fire

Group Organisers: Maurice Bailleu, Iris Kyranou

The group is based on two concepts, which are firstly the will-o’-the-wisp and secondly a “magical” bonfire.  

In folklore will-o’-the-wisp are the spirit of fairies and other supernatural beings. Will-o’-the-wisp guides travelers to either their death or to treasure. In the group, the treasure is the fire arch and their power to lead to the other world.

Come and become the fire (don’t set yourself on fire), play with fire, and guide spirits to the other world or their doom.

  • We are a low commitment group (1 practice per week)
  • £50 group contribution for general group costs, weekend away, and fuel
  • Away weekend: 24th to 26th. Only Saturday (25th) afternoon mandatory
  • We aim to make an accessible space
  • Open practices (optional bring your props):
    • Thursday 23rd 7pm in the Meadows at the Pavilion
    • Monday 27th 7pm in the Meadows at the Pavilion
  • Closed practices:
    • Mondays 7pm in the Meadows near the Pavilion

Open practices sign up:

Gàirdeachas (Joyful Drummers)

Group Organisers: Ali, Nahikari, Sofia

We are the rhythmic embodiment of JOY. We are creatures of summer who greet the world with curiosity, and in doing so we explore everything around us. But there is one thing that stands out: SOUND.

We will play with improvisation and well established percussion beats to develop our own take of rhythm together. Joy will be our drive, and group cohesion our engine, and we will use theatre and playfulness games to foster both. Joy swaddles us and we will let it pour out, in, and spread it over to everyone around us. We seek to explore and share the magic of being alive and connected to each other and the elements. We will facilitate this conversation through rhythm, mirroring the evolution from chaos to coordination. Not too much structure, but a little bit, that is.

We welcome people with a curious mindset who may enjoy a wee bit of uncertainty here and there, particularly in regards to percussion. We would like the group to be a space of co-creation. We invite you to bring any instrument that you can get a sound from by beating it,  which may add to a percussion ensemble (even if you think it would be uncommon) – drums of all sorts, small, big, rare and common ones. We have not yet fully decided on the group’s instrumentation, because we want to do it with you! If you are unsure about your instrument, just email us (although the answer almost certainly will start with a “yes!”). We welcome drummers of all levels and those who have never drummed before – it is your excitement, cooperation and curious eyes that we want.

  • Medium-high commitment group (rehearsals twice a week + weekend away)
  • Open rehearsals: Thursday 23rd, 7pm to 10pm and Sunday 26th from 4pm to 7pm. Venue TBC soon.
  • Our closed group will meet regularly every Wednesday evening from 7-10pm, and Sunday from 4pm to 7pm. 
  • We will have a mandatory away weekend 31st March – 2nd April, the majority of which our group members will be expected to attend.
  • We will be asking for an initial contribution of c.£50-60 to cover rehearsal space and other bits and bobs, part of which may be returned to you at the end of the festival. 

Sign up here!:

Goblin Republic: Goblin Bower

Group Organisers: Sammi Searle, Tamsyn Ball, Andy Tucker

Copyright Phil Edwards for the Beltane Fire Society Copyright Bleu Hope for the Beltane Fire Society

Hey you! Yes you! Have you ever wanted to give up your human life and run shrieking into the hills? Have you ever looked at your skin and wondered why it isn’t green? If so, MAYBE YOU’RE A GOBLIN!

Whoever tidied up after last Beltane left the door to Bower unlocked and now the home on the hill is overrun with The Goblin Republic, a collective of curious, mischievous creatures with no sense of property ownership but great enthusiasm for fun! Now the Beltane fires are lit once more and it’s time for the Goblins to spruce the place up, get their best shiny trinkets on and throw a party for the May Queen, Green Man and the rest of the community!

Bower is both production and a performance space, Goblins will be making/dismantling the Bower and providing a welcoming space for the Court and groups on the night (holding space, handing out Bower bags). On top of that we would like to add performance elements, using the skills and ideas of whoever joins the group: music, songs, stories, circus skills, puppetry, fire (if safety requirements can be met), or anything else. A goblin party to entertain all comers!

Whether you’re looking for a supportive environment to share your talents with others, a low commitment group with both performance and tech elements or want a chance to interact with people as the glorious goblin you know you truly are inside, we might just be the unruly horde for you.

  • Fill in the sign up form then come along to an open practice on Saturday 25th Feb 4-6pm on The Meadows and Wednesday 1st March 7pm-9pm on The Meadows, near the Pavillion. The sign up form is linked below. 
  • Low-mid commitment. Closed practices once a week, Sunday 2-4, location tbc with optional extras.
  • We’ll keep costs for group members as low as possible, £10-20 maximum. Any leftover cash will be split back between the group. 
  • Highly encouraged but non mandatory staycation: 18th-19th March to be discussed within the group. 

Sign up link: or scan the QR code 

Myoinn (Cat Point)

Group Organisers: Alex Nuttgens, Beth Cobb

Everybody wants to be a cat.

This year, we’d like to invite you to be a cat.

Not a domestic cat, mind, we want to be the mid-sized cats – sneaky ocelots, lynxes, caracals and pumas, who stalk the forests and mountains at night. We’ll be coming out of our wooded homes to investigate the strange goings on on Calton Hill, to sniff and chew and play and scratch, and make mischief for the audience and other groups.

We’re wild creatures, not tame, or anthropomorphised characters. We’re inquisitive, playful, jumpy and twitchy, and we can change mood on a dime. We’ll be teaching you to sneak, prowl, growl, meowl and squabble, and learn a little light cat acrobatics.

We’re planning to be quite physical, and will have some training and homework, but we’re not requiring you to be in super-good shape, just willing to move around to the limits of your ability, and prepared to get a bit fitter.

  • We’re a medium commitment group, with one 3hr outdoor practice on Sundays in Holyrood Park in the afternoon or evening (we’d like to play sneaking games!), and a shorter practice at one of our flats on Wednesday night.
  • We’re hoping for a contribution of £50 to pay for group costs and away weekend
  • Away weekend planned for 24-26 March at a place with toilet facilities.
  • Open practices are: 
  • Wednesday 22nd 7pm-9pm – in central Edinburgh
  • Saturday 25th 1pm-3pm – Meet by St in central Edinburgh
  • Sunday 26th 1pm-3pm – in central Edinburgh
  • To find out where, sign up to our open rehearsals!



Group Organisers: Ross Cameron

We are Photopoint. As Beltane celebrates and encourages summer and the light that it brings we will use photography to paint with that light and record the joy and beauty as well as the drama of the festival.

We will meet with the groups at their rehearsal spaces in the lead up to learn and understand their stories to see how they can be represented, we will be at the Walkthroughs and the Festival itself moving (safely) between the crowds and the performers to take images that will form beautiful memories that the performers and BFS can use on their own social media and in their archives.

Our involvement doesn’t stop on the night, we will be processing photographs in the week after the event and there is a schedule to deliver up to the middle of May.

  • This is initially a low commitment group with one meet-up each week which will be supplemented by group visits when organised. There will be a fairly hefty demand on people’s time to edit and deliver photographs in the two and a half weeks following the event.
  • Our own meet-up sessions will be on Sunday evenings on Calton Hill 19:00 – 20:30, we won’t hold the Sunday meet-up on Walkthrough weekends.
  • We don’t plan an away weekend, but will – by group discussion – arrange a day for us to meet up and perhaps attend an event, then go for a meal. (not obligatory – just an opportunity to spend time as a group).
  • At this stage we’re asking for photographers who have access to equipment suitable to take pictures on the hill in low light and editing software. For this festival preference will be given to previous Photopoint members (this is entirely due to the learning curve for the GO, we would expect future festivals to be able to have less experienced people join and use this as a path to develop their photographic skill).
  • We would expect costs to be a maximum of £25 to cover costuming and face paint

You can see lots and lots of the photos produced by Photopoint at the last festival here:

Sign up link: or scan the QR code:


Processional Drummers

Group Organisers: George Malcolm Hughes, Eva Murzyn, Denis Emelin

We are the Processional Drummers! The thunderous beat of our drums will be heard across the Hill on the night, heralding the arrival of the May Queen and the change of seasons to all revelers. We are the manifestation of the cyclic nature of time, the retelling of stories told countless times throughout the past, the rebirth and new beginnings that add to the rich tapestry of our shared history. We carry with us the echoes of the past as our collective roar reverberates far into the future. 

Forming an integral part of the May Queen retinue, our group stands in service of constant change and of time itself. Our music will drive the procession, underscore its pivotal moments, support the performances of other groups, and set the overall musical tone for the Queen’s tale.

Our instrumentation includes snares, high and low toms, basses, and cymbals. We will play traditional and newly composed pieces, with a focus on powerful and relentless rhythms, catchy melodies, and hypnotic beats that will entrance the audience. We welcome drummers of all experience levels and will foster an environment that facilitates skill sharing, musical development, and personal growth. And, most importantly, fun!

  • Mid-to-high commitment (2 practices / week)
  • ~ £50 expected group member contribution to cover rehearsal spaces (will hopefully be partially recouped through busks) 
  • Away weekend planned for 31.3. – 2.4. (non-mandatory but encouraged)
  • Open practices at the Bongo Club:
    • Wednesday 22.2., 7pm-10pm
    • Sunday 26.2., 4pm-7pm
    • Wednesday 1.3., 7pm-10pm

Express your interest here:


Group Organisers: Stew Wilson, Rachael Gray, Alessandra Francone

Once upon a time, on a hopefully dry and clear night, a baby May Queen will come into being. We will be there to guide her and teach her the tales of the past. We are Seanchaidhean (shen-e-xi-an), storytellers and keepers of lore, and with our tales, we shall not bore.

We represent history itself, omniscient in our knowledge of all things. We will tell stories in speech (in whichever language you’d like!), in song, and through movement. 

If you are a storyteller, historian, writer, or re-enactor, we hope to welcome you into our circle around the hearth as a Seanchaidh!

  • Low commitment – we only meet once a week
  • Our expected financial contribution is ~£25 for paints, mostly (we hope to keep our expected cost as low as possible!)
  • Our weekend away is a Staycation in Edinburgh from 24-26 March! While not mandatory, it is highly encouraged!
  • All of our meetings will be on the Meadows near the Pavillion unless we have said otherwise:
    • Open practices:
      • Friday, 24th February 7-9pm 
      • Sunday, 26th February 10am-noon 
      • Thursday, 2nd March 7pm-9pm
    • Closed practices: Thursdays, 7-9pm

Sign up link:


Group Organisers: Jenny Glover, Ove Hansen, Andy MacLeod, Sophie McCarthy

When the Beltane fires are stoked and new life and fertility is all around, the Stewards guard the liminal barrier between ritual and audience. We escort the May Queen on her journey through the physical realm to purify the earth and herald the coming of Summer through the death and rebirth of her consort, the Green Man.

We are the friendly (painted) faces of the festival who welcome people onto the site, tell them the stories of Beltane and of the characters coming to join the party. We form the barrier around performance spaces and escort the May Queen’s procession safely towards her final destination. 

We’ll be in the centre of the action on Beltane night with the best seat in the house for all the performances. But we also have a job to do – to make sure that everyone, performer and audience-member alike – has a safe and enjoyable evening. In the time leading up to Beltane we’ll have weekly practices to get to know the site and the performers, and for essential safety training. We won’t be expected to deal with every situation ourselves, but we are there on the ground to identify problems and report them to those who can. If you’ve never taken part in a Beltane festival before, then joining Stewards is an ideal introduction to the community that allows for a broad overview of what happens at a festival without making a major commitment in terms of time or money.  No prior experience is necessary.

  • Commitment level: Low. One practice per week on Sunday afternoons. We don’t expect everyone to attend every practice, but the more you can the better – especially for people new to BFS or Stewarding.
  • Expected financial contribution: Minimal. No more than £5 and hopefully less.
  • Weekend Away Dates/or details: We don’t have an away weekend planned, but we may have a “staycation” – going for a day out as a group separate from our weekly practice. To be decided after discussion between Group Organisers and Group Members.
  • Open practice schedule: 
    • Our first meeting will be on Sunday February 26th where there’ll be brief introductions to the festival, its history, the performances and the role that Stewards play on the night. This will also be a chance to get to know the Group Organisers and other potential members, and hopefully some experienced Stewards will be along to share their experiences. Time and venue to be sent out to the Stewards mailing list after the Open Meeting and posted on BFS social media. 
    • The following Sunday, March 5th, we’ll be meeting by the canon on Calton Hill at 2pm to introduce you to the space where the festival will take place. Look for the people wearing leather jackets! 
    • We will be meeting in the same place on Calton Hill at 2pm for practices on Sundays 12/03, 26/03, 02/04 and 16/04. Details for the 9th of April and onwards will be sent to the mailing list.

All these practices are open to anyone who is interested. You’re welcome to just show up, but if you can drop us a line ahead of time to we can tell you what to expect.

Links or photos:
Stewards sign-up form:

Stewards (in orange) just before the start of Beltane 2019
Copyright Andrzej Suchodolslci for Beltane Fire Society 2019


Ove (copyright Martin McCarthy for BFS)

Andy (copyright Richard Winpenny for BFS) 

Jenny (selfie, used with permission)


Group Organisers: Luca Gallici, Peter Jackson, and Zoe-Tara Sanderson

We help facilitate the tech needs of each Beltane group (within reason) and the wider production. This year there is a focus on community wide skill sharing. We create and provide light by fire cans, put our Court’s (may Queen and Green Man) visions into fire by means of fire sculptures and the fire arch.

On the night we are there to light fires and contribute to the safety and smooth running of the festival.

We are the glue that pastes the festival together by fire and sometimes nuts and bolts.

You don’t need specific skills, only enthusiasm to learn! 

Drop us an email at or complete form

  • Tech is a variable time commitment group. We’ll be having weekly meetings on the weekend at our stores in Leith in the run up and will be building spending the days before. Apart from a mandatory safety training session there is a lot of flexibility about when you can help out.
  • No financial contribution. You might want to consider buying safety boots for doing certain tasks that require foot protection. We do have a limited number of pairs that can be borrowed.
  • Possible staycation, details to be confirmed based on group thoughts. Attendance optional.
  • Open practice schedule

Sunday 26th February 1-4pm at 16 East Cromwell St, EH6 6HF (suggested that you contact us in advance but turning up is fine too) meetings after this to be confirmed. Contact us to find out more


The group would divide into twos and three and wander the hill with no fixed point or direction.

The aim is to interact and engage directly with the witnesses, giving out gifts. The gifts would be chosen by the individuals and in discussion with the go’s, things that are inexpensive, preferably natural materials and easily accessible.

The emphasis is playfulness and creating a momentary magical interaction with the people choosing to watch the event. Starting when the hill is open to the public and continuing as the night happens but not getting in the way of other groups or key moments, sometimes becoming part of the crowd.

There may be some unifying paint colour or symbol, but we would like to encourage people to bring whimsical magical creatures they already have.

We would like this to be a group for those with past experience who aren’t looking for the run up elements but want to be involved actively on the night. This would mean we would want to be confident that members can interact safely and well with the public, and have their own costume capacity.

For more info or to sign up contact or by carrier pigeon to whimsy cottage. 

  • Commitment level: low, Meeting on Carlton Hill Sunday 12th March time tbc. 

In the woods 1st Arpil time and place tbc. 

Walk through 9th April and 23rd April. 

  • Expected financial contribution: up to re regarding costume and props. 
  • Weekend Away Dates/or details: n/a 
  • Open practice schedule: 12th March tbc


These are smaller scale things that don’t quite fit in with the normal performance group concepts.

Body Doubling

Project Facilitators: Hannah M

“Body doubling is a tool some adults use to help them start and complete projects. Sometimes referred to as an accountability partner, it is a technique for better productivity. A body double is a friend or partner who works simultaneously, either in the same room or virtually through videochat platforms.”

This is a weekly online meet up on Tuesdays between 7pm and 9pm (for volunteers not attending GO meetings). Lets meet up and do productive things remotely together as an online community. A chance to connect with and get to know people outside your group.



Project Facilitators: Alan Howse, AJ Durnan, Tom Watton (Festival Coordinator)

Hillusphere are facilitating a series of planning and workshop sessions to create and to help others to create festival décor/installations and artwork which will solidify the beltane feels onto the Hill and improve the feeling of communal celebration with the ticket buyers.

The Beltonia Workshop will be opened up to members, helping to increase use and increase/facilitate skills sharing among the community.

We will have some drop-in surgeries/appointments for anyone in the festival who wants some some help/advice with their props/costumes.

Planning and Induction sessions will take place on a couple of weeks after the open meeting, and volunteers will sign up to a workshop volunteer agreement (respect agenda) as well as the BFS volunteer framework.

Workshop Supervision/Mentoring will be available for groups by the project facilitators and other senior team members who have completed the induction.

Access to BFS and Alan’s equipment (including sewing machines, metal and wood workshop) will be available. 

Presence on the night – participants who are not also in other groups may get the opportunity to be selfie point characters/Whimsy, installations specific stewards and or tech.

  • Commitment: Varying commitment levels, but we do want people who will attend a few sessions and finish what they have started.
  • Financial contribution: you may be asked to contribute to materials, depending what you design, but we do have a budget for materials and we have some materials already…
  • Weekend Away because we anticipate most of you will be in other groups, we do not intend to have a Weekend Away
  • Hillusphere Open Sessions – these will be communicated to all those who sign up, they will be after a bulk of open sessions. 

Register interest in helping out:

Gàidhlig na Bealltainne (The Gaelic of Beltane)

Project Facilitators: Adam Dahmer

As most BFS members already know, Beltane and Samhuinn have their origins in traditional Gaelic agricultural festivals. Even today – in urban, mostly Scots-and-English-speaking Edinburgh – BFS festivals still incorporate a fair few Gaelic words and concepts. 

This is at least partly thanks to the fact that Margaret Bennet, one the founders of Edinburgh’s Beltane Festival, was a professional Gaelic folklorist. In the early days of the Festivals, if a Beltaner wasn’t sure how to pronounce a character’s Gaelic name, or was curious about where that name came from and what it meant in its original context, they could just ask Margaret Bennet! Although, sadly, she’s no longer an active participant in our rituals, there are still some Gaelic-speakers in our ranks. 

One of them, Dr. Adam Dahmer, will be hosting online workshops this run-up on the Gaelic words and folklore that feauture in BFS festivals! The dates are still pending, but watch this space, and we’ll keep you posted as plans progress.


Closed groups

Smaller performance groups keeping the spirit of our traditions alive. These small closed groups were put forward by volunteers from last Beltane.

The Queen’s guard

Group Organisers :Matthew Boyce, Nicole Hepburn

Queen’s Guard are a closed group whose purpose is to protect our May Queen throughout Her journey on Beltane. We are Her honour guard, Her protection. Created from the earth, we represent strength through our unity, being bold and stoically focussed yet empathic in our interactions with others in our journey.
We will follow the May Queen, helping her draw on the various elemental energies. We shall grow with Her as she strives towards fulfilling her Beltane journey, and discover a bit of our individuality along the way through connections with others.” 

Copyright Vince Graham for the Beltane Fire Society 2022

REDS (replacement bus service)

Group Organisers Andrew Binnie, Mhairi Gray, Mary Roche

A Beltane WITHOUT REDS, you say? It’s different! It’s doable! It’s…not happening this time 😉

Reds are summer spirits of chaos, naughtiness, curiosity and fun. Whilst this year we were unable to find GOs to run a reds group, we reds are not the best at doing as we’re told, and some of us have decided to show up anyway!

So what can you expect from Reds this year? We will be a very small, closed group dedicated to keeping the red fires glowing through character performance and low-level acro, with our performance being mainly focused on silly, playful interactions between ourselves, other groups, and the audience!

*Please note this is a closed group*


Group Organisers: Ross, Ania

We’ll have more information about this soon!

You can either check back, or come along to our Open Meeting on Sunday the 19th, 2pm @ The Biscuit Factory.


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