Bower Community Ritual Pack

On Beltane Night, beings from all over the world beyond the veil converge in the Bower, to dance, to rest, to ground ourselves, to share food, to share stories. Beings of fire, and water, earth and air, chaos and order, rhythm and song. 

We, your Bowerlings, would like to invite you to create your own piece of Bower this Beltane. In doing so, we create a patchwork quilt of welcome and comfort, connected through the same intentions – a communal space, not in isolation, but shared.

We’ve put together a set of suggested rituals and things to do, which you can combine however you wish to create your piece of our shared Bower. They are about connecting, welcoming, remembering and providing, and you are very welcome to do any, or all, or none of them – or tailor them to what you care about most. We suggest using them alongside the beautiful Beltane At Home rituals that our Blues have created.

Bowerly Rituals, for Beltane or the days before:

  1. A grounding ritual, to connect very directly with a green space (Audio, 02:18)
  2. A nature trail, for connecting with and welcoming the trees around you (PDF)
  3. A guided meditation, for inviting in the four elements (Audio, 17:45)
  4. A guide to creating sigils, to welcome whatever you wish into your Bower (PDF)
  5. A ritual for gathering memories around you (PDF)
  6. And a ritual for creating a sacred space (PDF)

And whenever you wish, just for fun – your “Digital Bower Bag”:

  1. A small selection of recipes that we personally enjoy at this time of year (PDF)
  2. A tutorial for making your own tiny fire cans (PDF)
  3. A tutorial for making paper lanterns (PDF)
  4. A tutorial for making a cosy place for some very little guests (PDF)
  5. And celebrate Beltane with your small humans by growing some food! (PDF)

We hope that, however you celebrate it, you have a beautiful Beltane – and that you feel the strength of the ties that still hold us together, until we can meet again. 

A nature trail, for connecting with and welcoming the trees around you…

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