On Air Point – a Beltane Podcast

In the run-up to Beltane 2021 the Stage Blether podcast, a podcast created and presented by Society member Sam Haddow, is hosting members of the Beltane Fire Society as they share their poems, stories, songs, chats and waffles about their experiences of BFS and their hopes and ideas for the future.

Episodes can be found on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and hosted below. Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far. Any opinions expressed by participants are their own and not that of Beltane Fire Society.

If you have been involved with BFS at any point and in any capacity and would like to get involved, please contact Sam at onairpoint@beltane.org before the 18th April – would be lovely to have your contribution.

episode 1

This episode features Stew Wilson reading his poem celebrating the festival, a conversation with Sara Thomas and Alun Patrick Ryder Evans and a song by Rudeigin Eile, members of the Gaelic choirs who have serenaded BFS for several festivals.

episode 2

This episode includes a conversation with Alex who discusses her experiences training and performing with the Calleachan and a lengthy discussion between Kate Kirkwood, Rob Thorburn and Robert May about issues related to Beltane, nature and conservation. The episode concludes with three poems written by Neil James Rhind and read by Giulia Gatti.

Episode 3

Featuring the poems and blether of Neil James Rhind and William Peace Monger. The conversations cover faeries, green men, situationists, rituals, tiny coffins and after parties.

Episode 4

This episode features a discussion with Angus Farquhar, a founding member of BFS and Margaret Bennett, folklorist, author and musician, about the revival of Beltane in 1988 and the ways in which the festival has developed since then. There is also a chat with Callum Donald about his experiences as a Red, Winter King and Event Co-Ordinator and a song from the multitalented Daniel Tysen.

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