Rachel and Ross, organisers of Remnants of Winter, have room in their group for some more members and would love to hear from you…

As the last remnants of winter, we are stunned at the loss of our king and father. Our last duty is to escort our king to his last resting place. With this it will allow us to move into summer by casting off the stagnant winter energy. At this point we have a choice between remaining as winter in oblivion or follow summer into frivolity. Ultimately we follow summer but fully in the knowledge that winter will rise again.

As well as performers, we’re also looking for 4(ish) Torchbearers – ideal for people with very limited time for rehearsal during the run-up to Beltane.

We meet once a week at 12pm on Saturdays on Calton Hill in front of the Acropolis. You can get in touch with us by emailing

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