Samhuinn Producer, Court and Group Organisers

We’re very happy to announce the Producer, Court and Group Organisers for Samhuinn 2013.

Producer – Sorayah Jude

Our Samhuinn Court are…

Cailleach – Duncan MacGregor

Summer King – Michael Ritchie

Winter King – Rob Sproul-Cran

Blues – Andy Meechan, Blue Hesse, Joe Hope, Helen Copley

Our Samhuinn Group Organisers are…

Anansi – Jo Shuttleworth, Alice Fitzsimons, Alice Latchford

Aos Sidhe – Chris ‘Mowley’ Stock, Jo Harrison

Beasties – Gav Kennerly, Claire Freake and Tom Caine as Musical Director

Blood Moon – Tiger Strode, Martin Miller

Bucketeers – Kat Kane

Calleachan – Karin Beekman, Diana Penman

Einherjar – Louise Murray, Graham Butler

Last Light of Summer – Robin Jeffries, Lila Anne

No Point – Sage Dean, Fiona James

Photo Point – Mark Taylor, Nicole Taylor

Seasonal Promise – Sara Ferreira, Angel Featherstone

Stewards – Nick Toth,  James Lyddall

Taliesin’s Troupe – Steven Turner, Alun Evans

Tech – Adam Exell, Helen Bradburn

Torchbearers –  Tanya Simpson, David Simpson

White Witches – Barbara Ittner, Helen Williams

Wild Hunt – Sandi Hunter, Ian McLennon

Winter Drummers – Lindsay Hunter, Dave Rowell

Winter Riders – Becky Salter, James ‘Spike’ Nisbet

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