Less than 2 weeks to submit your Samhuinn poster design!

If you’re thinking of submitting a poster design for Samhuinn 2013 but haven’t found your muse just yet, here are some things to roll around in your epic creative brain…


  • The Court at Samhuinn is usually comprised of the Cailleach (the Divine Hag, the Queen, dark face of the Goddess) along with the Summer and Winter Kings.
  • Some of the performance groups appearing at Samhuinn are aligned with Summer or Winter. This is reflected in their costumes. Think abundance, excess and voluptuousness or icy coldness, ravaging violence and necessary bleakness.


  • Samhuinn is a time of change, of leaving behind and becoming.
  • It is also the night when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest…what entities make their way through the veil?
  • Think opposites – summer vs winter, hot vs cold, lights vs dark.


  • What plants represent Summer or Winter to you? How do the trees change between the seasons? What colours does nature wear at different times of the year?
  • Ignoring for a moment the fact that we’re in Scotland the weather isn’t always predictable based on season, there are some conditions that are at least more prevalent in the Summer (sun showers, brighter days, delicate breezes) and some that we tend to see more of in Winter (storms, snow, long dark nights).
  • As with all our events, fire plays a strong part in Samhuinn!

The deadline for Samhuinn 2013 poster submissions is 7pm on Saturday 17th August 2013.
You are welcome to submit existing creations, including designs that you’ve submitted in previous years.
For more information, please see this blog entry.

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