Volunteers wanted to help collect audience donations on Samhuinn night

Want to get dressed up and make-upped for Samhuinn and help raise much needed funds for BFS but don’t have much time to spare? Bucketeers need you!

Our Samhuinn Fire Festival isn’t ticketed which means that we rely on donations from our lovely audience to help fund the event. Bucketeers are the shiny, happy people whose job it is to collect these donations. If you can come along on the night (31st October), attend a walkthrough rehearsal and health and safety briefing beforehand (dates to be confirmed but it’ll be within the last couple of weeks of October), you could play a vital role in the festival.

With the winning combination of your outgoing personality and our big red donation buckets, Bucketeering is a great opportunity to wear something awesome, decorate your fabulous self and get into the spirit of Samhuinn while doing something wonderful for BFS and fun for you. Bucketeers is a perfect group for people who would love to take part in Samhuinn but don’t have a lot of time to spare over the next couple of months. It’s an exciting way to get involved in your first BFS event or for busy Beltaners to do Samhuinn without lots of rehearsals.

For more information, please contact Kat at bucketeers@beltane.org

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