Volunteer event stewards needed for Samhuinn Fire Festival

Stewards are the guardians of the night. Their job is to support the evening’s activities by securing performance spaces and escorting processional groups along the Royal Mile.

They get the best seats in the house, hands-down, and stewarding is a really fun and exciting way to be a part of one of Edinburgh’s biggest public events, especially if you’re new to the city, just visiting for a while or as an introduction to taking part in the festivals that BFS puts on. Stewards will also be able to buy tickets to their official Samhuinn after party at a special performer-only discount rate.

If you have no experience of event stewarding, don’t worry – training will be provided, along with a health and safety induction, and you’ll be working with a friendly and welcoming group of volunteers under the patient and watchful eye of Nick and James, our Steward organisers. Stewarding is also a really amazing way to help build confidence and team-working skills, which will look great on your CV!

Key dates for the new few weeks are…

Sunday 13th October, 2pm
Arts Complex, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh
Health and safety induction
Fire safety training
Fire-proofing clothes for the night

Sunday 20th October, evening
Royal Mile, Edinburgh
First full cast walkthrough rehearsal

Sunday 27th October, evening
Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Second full cast walkthrough rehearsal

Thursday 31st October, evening
Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Samhuinn Fire Festival!

To volunteer as a Steward for Samhuinn or to find out more, please get in touch ASAP with Nick and James at stewards@beltane.org

One thought on “Volunteer event stewards needed for Samhuinn Fire Festival

  1. Hello my name is Alexa Land n I’d like to volunteer at the boltane fire festival, I have autism Asperger’s syndrome and I’d like to know if I can join or if you have any places or positions for me to take part in , I get paid £382 every second Wednesday of every month, please let me know as soon as you get this message


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