Torchies, Stewards and Photo Point…happy campers!

Last weekend, the Torchbearers, Stewards and Photo Point (with a couple of shield maidens borrowed from Einherjar!) went on our weekend away, which is fast becoming the Biannual Pilgrimage to Borthwick.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and turned a lovely empty field into a campsite of joy and wonder. Then, by the power of bubbles…

Heidi 3
Photo by Heidi Korkala

…darkness fell.

Richard 1
Photo by Richard Winpenny

There was fire in the fire pit…

Heidi 4
Photo by Heidi Korkala

fire on chains…

Mark 2
Photo by Mark Taylor

Richard 2
Photo by Richard Winpenny

fire on sticks…

Heidi 1
Photo by Heidi Korkala

and some lasers too!

Richard 4
Photo by Richard Winpenny

The Torchies demonstrated the lighting of the Neid Fire by traditional means and everyone was very impressed, including the expert fire starters themselves.

Nicole 1

Nicole 2

Nicole 3

Nicole 4
Photos by Nicole Taylor

Drums were played…

Mark 3
Photo by Mark Taylor

…and plans were made.

Mark 1
Photo by Mark Taylor

Photo Point were super cute!

Mark 4
Photo by Mark Taylor

We sat around the fire until the wee hours…

Richard 3
Photo by Richard Winpenny

…and beautiful memories were made 🙂

Heidi 2
Photo by Heidi Korkala

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