Samhuinn Fire Festival is requesting that its Summer and Winter Kings make themselves known

Samhuinn Kings 2013 by Richard Winpenny
Winter King (left) and Summer King (right) at Samhuinn 2013, photo by Richard Winpenny

With Midsummer past, our thoughts turn to the celebration of Autumn and the festival of Samhuinn on 31st October. Beltane Fire Society is looking for the Kings of Summer and Winter to help us tell this festival’s tale: one of the turning of seasons and of leadership and guidance for the coming months.

The deadline for application is 7pm Sunday 3rd August, with interviews of the candidates on Tuesday 5th August.

Our Summer King
Bounteous provider; giver of life, nourishment, and fertility; and celebrant. They remind us of hot, lazy summer days, ripe fruits on the trees, and endless nights of feasting and merriment. Waning since Lughnasadh…

Our Winter King
Bringer of the cold, dark nights of winter; the decisive frosts, gales and snow. Their duty to clear away the weak and overripe, cleanse the land with their icy breath, and to challenge. The waxing power.

How do you see these characters, these rulers of nature, leaders of the seasons and brothers-in-
conflict? Which would you like to be? How will you fend off or welcome in the Winter?

We are looking for a coordinated storyline between summer and winter, and thus are happy to accept pairs, but we are also happy to meet individuals who are willing to work with others.

Please send your applications, notes of interest or questions about these roles to

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