Laying the foundations of a festival

Group Organiser Weekend
A festival timeline is created, photo by James Illing

Last weekend, the Group Organisers, Court, Blues, Event Co-ordinator and Trustees gathered together to lay the foundations for Samhuinn 2014. As well as games, bonding, performance and ritual workshops (and lots of tea and coffee!), a big part of the weekend revolved around starting to create the story for this year’s festival. This is an on-going collaborative process where organisers work together to build a timeline of what happens, when, where and how.

Being part of this process from the very beginning is really exciting, especially knowing that in just over two months that thing we did with giant sheets of paper and lots of post-it notes will have evolved into an epic public performance. Festival organisers meet with each other every week, as well as with our own groups once or twice a week, from now until the end of October. As well as this, there’s the time each pair of Group Organisers spend with each other, planning and working to facilitate the festival experience for all the other volunteers. That fact that so many of us choose to take part in this way again and again shows just how rewarding it is.

The next step for the Group Organisers is inviting you to join us! To find out what performance and production groups are available for you to take part in, come along to the Open Meeting on 31st August. See you there!

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