Something wolfy this way comes

Our Cailleach introduces her familiar, or at least parts of it, so far…

This year the Samhuinn prep started pretty early. A couple of months early! With the help of the ‘wolf pack’ (affectionately named group of compulsive volunteers, they just can’t help themselves) we already have the skeleton of one of our performers this year…

In Celtic mythology the Cailleach is often portrayed as riding a great wolf across mountain and sky as she brings the storms and ice of winter. This is reflected in her affiliation with deer, wolf and boar as blessed beasts. It is fascinating that she shows favour to both the deer and yet also their main predator. The wolf as Her familiar therefore is a poignant representation of the inner ferocity of the Cailleach; although described as watching over the herds and deterring hunters she also acts to cull the weak to preserve the strength of their kin. Like winter and like the wolf, She is a symbol of death and of balancing forces of destruction. This year the Cailleach will be joined by her lupine familiar, a physical representation of her wild power and her will whilst she processes veiled.

Wolf Manufacture

Wolf Manufacture

Wolf Manufacture

Wolf Manufacture

Wolf Manufacture

Wolf Manufacture
Photos of wolf manufacture by James Illing

A huge thank you to everyone who has offered their help in making this great beast! An exciting start to the festival preparations!

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