Announcing our Samhuinn 2014 poster!

Samhuinn 2014 Poster

We are very excited to announce our Samhuinn 2014 poster, as voted for by our community, audience and friends around the world! Congratulations to Emma Lindsay on her winning design.

Emma works primarily in stained glass and painting. She has a BA Honours degree in design and recently designed a stained glass window for Canterbury Cathedral. Emma’s work is greatly influenced by nature and it was for this reason that she felt inspired to create a poster design for the festival. Of her design, she says…

The concept of two contrasting sides, Winter and Summer, struck me as being a key aspect of the festival. I wanted to portray the transition from Summer to Winter in a striking and graphic way. The stag skull is symbolic of conflict but also represents of cyclical nature of life.

Keep an eye out for our posters around Edinburgh soon.

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