Samhuinn Fire Festival 2014

Samhuinn 2014 Poster

9pm, Friday 31st October 2014

Starts on High Street, then down Cockburn Street, on to the stage at the Mound Precinct.

The festival begins on High Street with the lighting of the Neid Fire, the flame which is carried through night by the screaming, cloaked Torchbearers. The Cailleach, our dark goddess, awakens like a winter storm with her wolf familiar, heralded by her priestesses, the Cailleachan. Led by the Blues, the guardians of our ritual, the procession of the seasonal elements of Cearcall Ur Nadir, the stalking terror of the Wild Hunt and the decadent energy of the Reds, winds its way down Cockburn Street, buoyed by beats of the boisterous Beasties and the pulsing rhythms of the Winter Drummers. The procession’s arrival at the stage at the Mound Precinct heralds the beginning of an epic fight for supremacy between the reigning Summer King and the harsh chill of the Prince of Winter.

As the battle rages through fire and scenery created by our Tech team, the audience is safe in the hands of our very own friendly Stewards. If you notice bursts of light flashing from dark lurking figures, don’t worry – that’s Photo Point, our team of photographers capturing the event in pictures to share with the world. BFS events are self-funded and created by volunteers. There are no tickets for Samhuinn and attendance is by donation, so please take a moment to give a contribution to our lovely Bucketeers!

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