GAME CHANGER! Reds are recruiting – the doors are open – come one, come all!

Reds at Samhuinn 2014 by Gyorgy Papp

Our initial intention was that this would be a continuation of the journey from Beltane, so we asked for those who’d been Red before. But we have decided that we would like to welcome ALL who are keen to live, breathe and die RED this Samhuinn!

We are excited about the change of plan and hopeful that shiny new folks as well as hardened *aherm* Reds are keen to join us on this exploration of living in the moment, maturing chaos and acceptance.

Physical exercise and acro will be part of the meetings along with delving into what Red is and how it has changed from it’s form at Beltane when the Reds are born into the world as chaotic creatures of the moment.

Come along to our open practices at Red Point, in the Meadows, on Monday 7th and Thursday 10th September at 7pm. Give us a try, be silly, have fun and explore what Red has to offer this Samhuinn.

Contact us on reds[at]beltane[dot]org if you have any questions.

Much Red love,
Jane & Raffe

Photo of Reds at Samhuinn 2014 by Gyorgy Papp

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