Social gathering and faerie hunting with the Bucketeers this Sunday

Bucketeer at the Beltane 2015 Busk by Neil Barton

Bucketeers are the happy, shiny, colourful fundraising rockstars whom on Samhuinn night get to interact with the crowd and collect the donations from our audience that help fund this wonderful festival! We are a very low commitment group, no prior experience is required, and the most we ask from you is that you make it to a walkthrough, the busk and the night itself. Anything more than that is completely up to you.

We’re having our first get-together this Sunday (13th September), meeting at St Giles Cathedral at 2pm, then going for a wander to the Meadows, followed by some faerie hunting. You’re welcome to just show up at 2pm or you can get in touch with Danielle at bucketeers[at]beltane[dot]org in advance if you like. If you’re going to be arriving later than 2pm, please do email before Sunday and exchange contact details to make sure you can find the roving Bucketeers on our travels!

Bucketeers is a great group to join if this your first time taking part in a BFS event or if you have been involved before but don’t have the time for lots of meetings this time around. So whether you are an old hand or just beginning your BFS journey, Bucketeers would love to meet you 🙂

Photo of a Bucketeer at the Beltane 2015 busk by Neil Barton

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