No News: Eyes Shut

Poetry and pictures, infused with the beautiful chaos of No Point…

Eyes Shut 01

Eyes shut.
We navigate by listening.
We hear each other, the songs, they come slowly.
We follow the melody.
We cannot go back.
We have reached the point of No returning, and now We can only make our way, listening.
We sing.

Eyes Shut 02

Every time, a little deeper, into what it means to share, and be alive.
We make No judgements. Everyone is equal.

Eyes Shut 03

The song takes us far away, we dance, shaking off our shackles to the beat of ocean to the shore, and for a moment we are free…

Eyes Shut 04

It takes time, like the blossom, to bud and ripen, it is effortless, like clouds forming.
Like a wren builds their nest.

Eyes Shut 05

We are the children of these summer blessings, gifts given freely into seed scattered by the wind, willow herb and thistle, soft wishes for the autumn sky.
We have not forgotten.

Eyes Shut 06

We are coming home, to bed, to warmth as the cold sets in, to snuggle and breathe in the scent and heat of our lover. In the morning we will be up again, too early, we will sit by our window, blow steam from our tea. We will watch the rain outside and be glad for those kisses.
They keep us warm within.

Eyes Shut 07

There are 8 bowls to clean, but the family has eaten. We carry it, like The Mother.

Eyes Shut 08

Inside the temple, a fire burns.

Photos by Sage Dean

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