Samhuinn Fire Festival 2015

Winning Samhuinn 2015 Poster Preview

Samhuinn Fire Festival 2015

7-9pm on Saturday 31st October 2015
Please note new earlier time!

The Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Is it a ticketed event?
No. Tickets are not required for the Samhuinn Fire Festival. Attendance is by donation. You can donate your chosen amount to one of our lovely Bucketeers on the night, or via PayPal.

At Samhuinn, the veil between the worlds draws thin and the spirits gather close to bear witness as the courts of Summer and Winter battle for control of the seasons. In her wild ecstasy of grief and sorrow, the Cailleach ushers the last breath of Summer’s opulent decadence into the beyond to make way for the icy storms of Winter’s dark reign.

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About Samhuinn Fire Festival
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For families with children
Families with children are welcome at the Samhuinn Fire Festival at parental discretion. We are also hosting a Family Samhuinn event earlier in the day on 31st October.

The main performance areas will be located within the pedestrianised area of the Grassmarket. The site itself is on a slight incline and although it is fully paved, there are some kerbs and bollards in the space. There will be loud noises, mostly in the form of drumming, and some flashing lights in the form of pyrotechnics and flash photography. The festival is stewarded and complies with all relevant health and safety requirements but please be aware that it takes place in the dark with a mobile audience of thousands. For accessibility-related questions, please email access[at]Beltane[dot]org in advance.

We request that you treat BFS performers and production crew, as well as your fellow audience members and the festival site, with respect and consideration so that we can share our celebration together safely and happily.

Samhuinn 2015 will be taking place earlier in the evening than past festivals because we appreciate that we are in a more residential area than usual. We want to keep our incredible event in the heart of the city but we do not want to negatively impact our environment or the residents who are kind enough to welcome us and our festival.

If you have questions about the festival itself, please email festival[at]beltane[dot]org in advance. Please note that BFS cannot advise on parking or accommodation in, or travel to or within, Edinburgh.

Our beautiful Samhuinn 2015 artwork was created by Mhairi Braden.

Beltane Fire Society is a charity registered in Scotland, charity number SC040137

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