Want to take part in Samhuinn? Join our Stewards!

Stewards at a training session by Dan Mosley

If you still want to take part in Samhuinn 2015, it’s not too late! Our epic squad of volunteer event Stewards are looking for more people to join them for a unique festival experience and the best view of all the action on the night. Perhaps you’ve just arrived in Edinburgh for work or university, or maybe you’re looking for a completely different way to spent Hallowe’en night in the city.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken part in a BFS festival before or have no experience as an event steward. You’ll be working with an awesome group of shiny, happy volunteers with the full support of people with many festivals’ stewarding experience under their collective belt. Stewarding is a fantastic way to get involved in Samhuinn, learn new skills and have a night to remember!

The next Stewards training session is at 2pm on Sunday 18th October at the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows, Edinburgh. You’re welcome to show up on the day or get in touch in advance with Group Organiser Anthony at stewards[at]beltane[dot]org

Photo of Samhuinn 2015 Stewards at a training session by Dan Mosley

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