Samhuinn 2016 Tech needs you!

Tech by Neil Barton

Are you made of practicality with a healthy dose of creativity and a desire to work with an awesome team to (literally) build a festival? Our Samhuinn 2016 Techies want to hear from you!

Ably managed by our steel-toe-capped rockstars Helen, Greig and Jonny, and running on a heady cocktail of tea and flapjacks, Tech are the stage crew and epic-thing-making engine of Samhuinn. In the run up to the festival they build fire sculptures and prepare everything to be taken to venue. On the day, they build stages, fire sculptures, and decoration as well as setting up the fencing, crowd barriers and lighting. During the event, they look after the safety of our audience and performers, light the fire sculptures and fire the pyrotechnics. At the end of the night they take it all down again then head to the party!

They’ll be planning a meet-up for interested volunteers soon so please email them at to be kept up to date with this information and get involved.

Photo of Tech at Samhuinn 2015 by Neil Barton

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