Guardians, games and gateways – join us as a Steward!


Our Samhuinn 2016 Stewards would like to invite you to join them…

Stewards are the friendly face of Samhuinn and the Guardians of our performers and of our witnesses. Stewarding is a great way to see the festival and to gain some confidence and experience. We are the gateway to BFS! If you would like to get involved in the festival but don’t have a lot of time or performance experience, come and join us for fun and games on the Meadows (then more fun and games in the pub afterwards).

We are very flexible when it comes to attendance and welcome everyone for teambuilding and merriment in the run up to the night itself. We are open to folk who are brand new to the Society and also experienced participants who maybe don’t have much time for this festival but would still like to be involved. We meet every Sunday outside the Pavilion Café on the Meadows at 2pm.

If you’d like to join our wonderful squad of Stewards, please get in touch with their glorious leader James at or rock up to the Meadows this Sunday!

Photo of Stewards at Samhuinn 2015 by Richard Winpenny

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