Behind The Pictures: Their bright blood red against our cold white and blue

This is the fifth of our Behind The Pictures series, where photographers and performers talk about some of their favourite images from last Samhuinn. Today, Pascal from Photopoint and Nate from the White Hunt share their thoughts on this photo…


Pascal says…
During the transition of the summer to winter, the Reds (representing the summer) are getting attacked by the White Hunters (representing the winter). What I tried to capture with this picture is the demise of the Reds. While they huddle together the Reds are slowly being ripped apart by the White Hunt.

As parts of the Reds are being torn off the Cailleach watches in horror and just as the White Hunt is going in for the kill the Cailleach steps in and saves the Reds for now, putting them into a slumber until the winter has passed and they wake up again during Beltane.

Nate says…
The climax of a performance, a moment to take a breath. A few moments ago, the White Hunt had approached and surrounded the Reds, herded them towards their descent into winter, then aided them as they cast off the unnecessary remnants of summer and excess before hibernation. I’m here in my first year as both performer and group leader, holding up a piece of discarded Red costume and enjoying the culmination of what I’d helped build.

This image does a good job of capturing the most visually arresting part of this tableau: helping the Reds as they tore off their costumes, their bright blood red against our cold white and blue.

The Samhuinn Fire Festival 2016 is at 9pm on Monday 31st October on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Find out all about it here.

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