Reds, Aios Fior and Fire Safety

The sun has been shining and our groups have been making the most of it. Rehearsals are well and truly underway for Beltane 2017… not long now!!!

For full albums featuring photos of all of the rehearsal, please check out our Facebook Page or our newly unveiled Photo Archive (which also features photos from all of our events going back to 2008).

Reds have been getting physical with acro practice on the Hill…

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Aios Fior practised some partnered choreography and engaged in a little ritual fire toy burning… and set fire to a few of Photopoints’ hands

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Stewards, Torchbearers, Water Point all gathered on by the Acropolis for the chance to practice some fire safety..

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Beltane Fire Festial 2017 is taking place on Sunday 30 April on Calton  Hill, Edinburgh. Tickets are on sale now via Tickets Scotland.


Featured image by Neil Barton for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

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