A Fiery Photo Essay and a New Photo Archive

As part of our 30th celebrations, we are very excited to unveil a new Beltane Fire Society photo archive, which you can find at: photos.beltane.org

In it, you will find photos from Beltane, Samhuinn and other BFS events going all the way back to 2008. As well as photos of the festivals themselves, it also features albums of rehearsals, preparations and walk-throughs – offering a chance for a trip down memory lane.

View Photo Archive

Putting the Fire in Beltane Fire Festival

To celebrate these memories, we are bringing you a series of photo essays that highlight different aspects of our festival; a chance to visually tell our story. Click on the first photo for a descriptive slideshow about the fire of Beltane – from lighting the Neid fire, through the fire arch, fire toys, fire puppets and ending, of course, in the Beltane bonfire.


Beltane Fire Festival 2017 is happening on Calton Hill on Sunday 30 April. Tickets are on sale now from Tickets Scotland!

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