The Beltane Showcase… and other exciting events!

Ahead of Beltane on the 30th April, we’ve got a few very exciting events coming up, to get you well and truly ready for the arrival of Summer.

First up is…. The Beltane Showcase

Where: The Mound, Edinburgh City Centre

When: 1-4pm on Saturday 22nd April

This will be a chance for Beltane performers to bring our unique blend of thunderous drums, wild acrobatics, immersive street theatre, and dramatic fire-play right into the heart of Edinburgh city centre.. in daylight hours!

Rather than the traditional ‘Beltane Busk’, this year’s pre-formance will be an opportunity to hand out flyers and spread the word about Beltane Fire Festival.

We have three incredible drumming groups that will all be performing this year; Processionals, Beasties, and (all new!) Aether Drummers. To find out more about the Drums of Beltane, and the upcoming Drum Club, see this post.

For the latest, join the Facebook event here. And spread the word!

As a taster of the taster, this was the Processionals doing their thing at last year’s daytime event:

Also coming up we have the Beltane Community Open Day on the 29th April (more to come soon!) and Drum Club on the 23rd April.

Not to forget Beltane Fire Festival itself, on Sunday 30th April. Tickets on sale now!

Buy Tickets

Featured Photo by Neil Barton for Beltane Fire Society.

One thought on “The Beltane Showcase… and other exciting events!

  1. I am so excited to welcome in, the warmer longer days .. with flowers blooming such a beautiful sight and blossom on the trees pinks and whites.. birds that have migrated from so very far away, little lambs are leaping and learning how to play. As that night approaches, Summers on its way. Fire and drums and joyous play, to the rythmn we will sway… Up Caltin Hill we will climb, because everybody knows its Beltane time!!! 😉


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