Who’s Who On The Hill

Continuing our series of photo essays, we wanted to provide a bit of a guide to the strange and beautiful characters you might encounter on the Hill. If you’ve been to Beltane before and wondered about the Blues, Reds, Whites and other characters, this should help explain things. If you’ve never been, then read on for an invaluable guide to who’s who at Beltane.

It must be added that this is not a complete list. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are all represented in different points with different groups that the May Queen must bless. Fire Puppets bring incredible creations, and this year we have the all new group, the Evergreens, not forgetting the impossible-to-forget Aaarcadia – Fire Arch and the Dystopian Hippylgrimage. Bower, too, is one of the most important places, a home for the performer at the end of the celebrations. There will be more info to come on all of these groups and what they’ll bring the celebration. But, for now, we wanted to introduce you to some of the more recognisable characters that you’ll encounter on the night, from both our performers and our production crew. For more information about all our groups for this year, see this page.

Click on any of the photos below for more details and to begin the slideshow.

For more photos, taken by our incredible Photopoint volunteers, see our newly unveiled Photo Archive.

If you don’t want a miss a chance to encounter any of the above (just watch out for those Reds!), book your ticket for Beltane Fire Festival 2017 now, and secure your place by the fire.

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