From a spark, a fire starts…

Torchbearers light the Neid Fire at Samhuinn 2013. Photo by Stephen Yu.
Torchbearers light the Neid Fire at Samhuinn 2013. Photo by Stephen Yu.

October might seem like the distant future but preparations for Samhuinn 2014 are already underway, with our ever-industrious Trustees and year-round volunteers working behind the scenes to kick start the process of welcoming the dark of the year with the brightest of fires. Over the next few weeks, you can expect to see the following things making an appearance here, waiting for you to get involved (in no particular order)…

  • An invitation to submit your beautiful artwork for the Samhuinn 2014 poster contest.
  • Information about applying to run a performance or production group.
  • A shout-out for this year’s Summer and Winter Kings.
  • A request for applications for the role of Event Coordinator.
  • Plans for the Samhuinn Open Meeting, where you can find out about all the different groups to join.

Whether you’re working your way through the summer months, taking a break from studying or off having adventures, now is the time to start thinking about how you can contribute to making this year’s Samhuinn bigger, brighter and blisteringly hot.

If you’ve been thinking about volunteering to run a group, designing a poster, putting your event management skills to good use by applying to be our Event Coordinator, or feeling a calling from your kingly side (remember, the roles of the Kings are not gender-specific), this could be YOUR year!

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